Jumping back into the work routine can be intimidating for a new mama. While there may be lots on your mind, nutrition doesn’t have to be a source of frustration or concern. Follow these 7 easy tips to jam pack nutrition into your super-mom schedule to keep you energized and ready to take on the day! 

Make Things Easy

You just had a baby, are returning to the hustle and bustle of the workday and have lots to think about. Your food choices should not be a source of excessive thought or concern. Fueling yourself during this time with yummy snacks doesn’t have to be a difficult chore. A snack doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy, as long as it has healthy fats (nut butters, avocado…), fiber (raw veggies, fruit), and protein (hard boiled eggs, yogurt, nuts…) - you’re good to go!  

One nutrient dense, on-the-go option that we obviously love are smoothies. Smoothies with fruits, veggies and nut butter are an easy option that will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals while also leaving you feeling satisfied and satiated.

Plan in Advance

If you sit at a desk all day and know that the lunch options available at work don’t make you feel your best, meal prep your lunches for the week. Packing options made up of lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats will ensure that you aren’t settling for food options out of hunger desperation. 

Try one of our favorite salad combos! All you need is spinach/spring mix, avocado, dried cranberries, manchego cheese, marcona almonds, and dressing of choice (lemon poppyseed works great). Add a small piece of salmon filet for an easy source of lean protein, YUM! You can also easily get prepped salad bags at your favorite grocery store - zero prep work for a perfect lunch.

Snack Smart

This piggybacks on tip #2; however, it can be easy to forget to plan out snacks for the workday and end up grabbing a handful of the most convenient snack option at the office. To avoid these impulsive decisions, bring some snacks along as well! 

Some of our favorites are: homemade trail mix, air popped popcorn, kale chips, dried edamame or chickpeas, homemade energy bars, and of course our lactation cookies. Eating wholesome snacks throughout the day will help to place your blood sugar in an optimal range, making you feel more clear-headed and present. 

Eat the Rainbow

While we know Skittles can be delicious, they aren’t the rainbow we’re talking about here. Research shows that consuming a ‘colorful’ diet rich in carotenoids and other nutrients is very important, especially if you are choosing to breastfeed. While eating a colorful diet helps to ensure mama is consuming varied sources of antioxidants and phytochemicals, carotenoids can also be beneficial for the infant via breastmilk. Ensuring that there are adequate levels of carotenoids in the circulating breastmilk through maternal intake ensures that baby receives the benefits as well. Some benefits to baby include lower levels of oxidative stress and proper development of the vision and nervous system. 

Bottom line: carotenoids is just a fancy way to describe colorful fruits and veggies. So bring along some bell peppers and hummus, orange slices, and/or yams and carrots and you’ve got your daily source of carotenoids! 

Don’t Neglect Vitamins 

It is generally recommended that breastfeeding mamas continue to take their prenatal multivitamin. This is to help ensure that both mama and baby are intaking adequate levels of nutrients. One nutrient that is super important, breastfeeding or not, is vitamin D. Research shows that it is important to supplement with vitamin D, as breastmilk does not contain adequate levels. Some natural sources of vitamin D include: tuna, fortified cereals, cheese, and eggs. 

Whip up some tuna salad for lunch with some hard-boiled eggs and crackers to snack on and you’re good to go! 

Superfoods = Supermom 

Superfoods are much more common than you think. Avocado, berries, chia seeds, cherries, and spinach are all superfoods. These foods help give you more bang for your buck, (read: they are nutrient dense!). Smoothies are a great way to get in multiple superfoods at one time. Try our Magic Cherries, Feeling Peachy, or Blueberry Blues smoothies to get your daily dose of superfood yumminess. 

Indulge Mindfully 

Sometimes the office can be a hub for unhealthy sweets and treats that result in a sugar crash halfway through your day. Research shows that too much sugar sends signals to the brain that trigger overeating and systemic inflammation. 

To avoid giving into these temptations bring your own treats! Bring along some homemade granola bars, dark chocolate trail mix, a Greek yogurt parfait or some celery with peanut butter and raisins to satisfy that sweet tooth while keeping you nourished and on track. 

Follow these easy tips to help you transition seamlessly back into working mode. For more nutrition info and updates, reach out to one of our nutritionists for support!






Lisa Mastela