Q: Are your smoothies healthy?

A: We use exclusively whole, real vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, protein, and spices. Our ingredients are organic, and we think added sugars, artificial ingredients, preservatives, are other garbage is gross.

Q: Where can I find nutritional information?

A: Each of your blends arrive with a card containing all nutrition information. If you have questions about a blend’s nutrition facts, we’re happy to send any your way upon request!

Q: What if I am vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, kosher, or allergic to specific foods?

A: We got you! As soon as you subscribe or order a one-time bundle, you’ll input your allergies and intolerances and your personal dietitian nutritionist will create your bundle based on that!

Q: How does a Bumpin Blends subscription work?

A: After you hit subscribe, you’ll tell us your preferences, cravings, due date, and needs, and your personal dietitian nutritionist will text you to introduce herself. Our dietitians and chefs will get to work blending up seven 16-oz smoothies perfect for YOU. They’ll freeze those into cubes and package them up for you to receive within one week from ordering. From there, your blends will be delivered every other week and will update based on your stage of pregnancy or postpartum and your baby’s needs. You can always text your dietitian hotline to share new cravings, symptoms, and questions.

Q: How do I prepare my Bumpin Blend?

A: To make each blend, simply pour your cubes into a blender, add 1 cup of your favorite liquid (our team gives their favorite liquid recommendations for each blend here!), and blend. To make a smaller smoothie, use only 3 cubes and 1/2 cup liquid. To make a smoothie bowl, add only 1/2 cup liquid to a packet of cubes.

Q: I’m not pregnant or postpartum...but I want to try your blends!

A: Woohoo! You’re not alone - Bumpin Blends makes blends for everyone, so go ahead and subscribe or order a one-time bundle!

Q: How do I skip a week or cancel my subscription?

A: You can text your dietitian hotline or email hello@bumpinblends.com to make any changes to your subscription. You can pause, skip, or cancel anytime without fees.

Q: Do I need to be home for my delivery?

A: You do not need to be home in order for your box to be delivered. We pack our boxes with enough ice to keep your blends frozen for a few hours after delivery, but it's important to get them into a freezer as soon as possible, ideally within a couple hours.

Q: What do I do with the dry ice and packaging?

A: Carefully leave your dry ice in a well-ventilated spot, or an outdoor space, away from kids and pets, and be sure not to touch it with bare hands (oven mits work great!). If you’re in LA and receive a foil cooler, you can reuse it (it’s great for picnics!), recycle it, or leave it on your doorstep at your next delivery. If you’re outside of LA and receive our eco friendly shipping cooler, you can dissolve it in water (a fun sensory activity for your littles!), reuse it, or compost it. It’s the most sustainable cooler in the world, so kudos to you for being so eco-friendly. :)

Q: I have more questions...

A: We’ve got answers! Email us at hello@bumpinblends.com with your questions, we’re happy to help.