Philosophie x Bumpin Blends Limited Time Bundle

Philosophie x Bumpin Blends Limited Time Bundle


Philosophie and Bumpin Blends have teamed up to create a limited time collection of superfood smoothies designed to support energy, mood, milk supply, and iron levels for mamas. These will only be available during the month of May and will sell out fast!

This bundle includes:

  • 6 bags of exclusive smoothie cubes, made with Philosophie superfoods and Bumpin Blends recipes, each designed to make a 12-oz smoothie. Just pour them into a blender, add liquid, and blend. You can select any combination of six smoothies you’d like when purchasing.

  • 24/7 nutritionist text support from one of the brilliant Bumpin Blends nutritionists, who can answer any of your nutrition questions instantly via text.

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