Bumpin Blends

How We Started


There I was, 8 months pregnant, crying over spilled chia seeds…

I had used smoothies throughout my pregnancy as a means to meet my baby’s needs while nurturing my own -- getting my nutrients in while including ingredients to soothe my nausea, bring down my swollen ankles, and of course, to satisfy my cookie dough cravings!

As a registered dietitian, even I was overwhelmed by not only the sheer number of nutritional needs to be met when making a tiny human (folate, and vitamin D, and omega-3s… oh my!), but how challenging it was to squeeze all these nutrients into my day (especially since I really just felt like eating mac n cheese and mint chip ice cream).

On that particular morning, accidentally breaking open a full bag of chia seeds and having them spill all over the floor was no surprise. It was one of many recent clumsy moments in the kitchen, including blending a wooden spatula into an acai bowl, visiting the ER after a failed chopping carrots situation (ten stitches!), staining our countertop with wild blueberries, just to name a few… I was officially too pregnant to play in the kitchen, which made me wonder if other mamas out there were feeling that way, too.

So, I set out to help other soon-to-be mamas meet their baby’s nutritional needs and nurture their pregnancy symptoms in an easy, fast, and delicious way. No more crying over spilled chia seeds.

Blended with love,

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We are very proud of our ingredients!

Each packet of Bumpin Blends cubes is made especially for you: blended, frozen, and packed just hours before it hits your doorstep. Every smoothie is made from organic whole-food ingredients that are absolutely, 100% scientifically supported to be safe and beneficial for pregnant women (no googling questionable superfoods here!). Plus, zero added sugars, flavors, or artificial ingredients. Cause, well, those are gross.

Our Mission


Everyday we are…

Inspiring women to empower themselves by taking control over their pregnancy and postpartum symptoms, supporting the needs of their developing baby, and enjoying the beauty of motherhood.